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'Some say that the soul teaches the body. But what if we assume for a moment that the body teaches the soul, helps it adjust to earthly existence, analyses for it, translates for it, provides the blank paper, the ink and pen with which the soul can write on our lives? Suppose, as in the fairy tales of shape-shifting creatures, that the body is itself a god, a teacher, a mentor, a recognised guide?'

Clarissa Pinkola Estès, Women Who Run With The Wolves


'Dansend en zingend
Lees ik mezelf en berg ik warmte

Zonnend op levenswandel


Dansend en zingend
Kijk ik naar binnenkleuren

En streel vrije natuur


Dansend en zingend
Lees ik mezelf en berg ik warmte.'

― An Willaert


'Let your energy be like the scent of jasmine: pleasant, inspiring and never disturbing.

― Jef Van Genechten








(c) Ecstatic Dance Atlanta



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