Links naar sites met 'ardor':

* Open Floor dance workshops (Belgium and abroad):

* Sue Rickards: 5 Ritmes en Open Floor dansworkshops (Belgium and abroad):

* 5 Rhythms  Belgium

* Ecstatic Dance Belgium

* Savera Noriega - Touch Studio: trauma therapy, Somatic Experience, Learning Love 

Method, Conscious Relating:

* Inner Child Therapy, Adult Attachment Therapy, Healing Hugs, gdpr, Inner Child Coach Training, Trauma Healing:

* Sabine Vandingenen: trainings, workshops, individual sessions in Nonviolent Communication:

*Translations, proofreading, humour and more::


*Producer en DJ elektronic music Mark George:






*Wise woman, poet, psychoanalyst, storyteller and author:


*Wise man en author:


*Medical practice, counseling: Dr. Jan Devriendt:


* Art painter, sessions intuitive painting, Voice Dialogue and coach::


* Oost West Centrum organises courses and other activities on healthy, natural and inspired living:

* Social and ecological cohousing project in the centre of Wolvertem:

*Voice Dialogue, organisation for personal and professional growth:

* Tingh: Laura Taelemans:  Practice for 0rthopedagogy, child and youth therapy,
guided work with the assistance of animals (BLAD), enjoyment, connection and stillness:

* Bodymindwork: Roberta Colombano:  SomaHolistic bodywork, existential life coaching,
online classes & workshops, embodied mind training, energy healing:

* De Zachte Kracht: Nikkie Geirnaert offers free dance in Zwevegem: Just Dance and wonderful massages in her relaxation centre:

* Boskanter: perma culture farm, pizza parties, volunteering, crafts and workshops: